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Why Use An Insurance Broker?

Why should you use an insurance broker when you could research insurance on the internet and buy directly from an insurance company to save money?
  • First of all, you will not necessarily save money buying directly from an insurance company rather than going through an insurance broker. In an article in the Globe & Mail, financial reporter Rob Carrick did some research on prices for insurance companies that sold directly to the consumer and those that sold through brokers and said “Overall, I was surprised that the costs for direct insurers weren’t a better bargain”. 
  • Second of all, the cost could be much greater if your insurance protection does not meet your needs and something happens that is either not insured or insured for much less than what it costs to fix. Insurance is complex and it usually takes at least a couple of years before someone new to the industry has enough experience to properly analyze someone’s needs and recommend the appropriate protection.  If you research it yourself and miss something important, like your direct insurer only offers a limit of $15,000 for sewer back-up and you have a fully finished basement, what happens if your sewer does back-up?  The average cost of a sewer back-up claim for someone with a finished basement is around $75,000.  Can you afford to pay the additional $60,000 to fix your basement yourself? 
Other reasons to use Affiliated as your insurance broker include:
  • We work for you and have a legal obligation to put your interests first, not the insurance company’s. 
  • We deal with multiple insurance companies and shop the market and find the best coverage for your unique needs at the best price.  When you buy directly from an insurance company, you only get the products they offer and deal with an employee of the company.  
  • If you have to make a claim, we can advocate on your behalf if you are being treated unfairly by your insurance company.
  • We are experienced, licensed professionals that become your personal insurance and risk management advisor. Our advice is based on your individual needs, not the insurer's.
  • There is no additional cost buying from an insurance broker. We are paid a commission by the isnurance company that is included in the price.
  • We are not a call centre so if you get comfortable dealing with one individual, you can contact them every time.
  • We try to answer every call. You're not going to get "Press 1 for this or 2 for that". You talk with a live individual right away who can assess your needs and deal with it quickly.
  • You have the flexibility to deal with us how you want to.  You can deal with us over the phone, through email, by texting or visiting the office (subject to Covid restrictions, of course). And, we respond to you quickly.
  • Access your polices 24/7 using our online portal.
If you would like to get a quick quote any of your insurance needs, just click below!
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