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Cyber attacks are organizational risks that businesses can be exposed to with just an errant click of a mouse.

Whether your organization is a multinational corporation, a sole proprietorship operating out of your home or a non-profit that uses online tools to support fundraising activities, its operations are susceptible to online attacks from hackers and other criminals lurking online. A corporate website that does not meet best practices for information security could not only compromise proprietary data and information about the company’s clients, it could expose the organization to liability for not protecting its data.

Simply publishing content that contains specific personal or organizational details online can open the door to a multitude of potential exposures such as:

  • Electronic security breaches involving the personal and/or commercial information of clients, employees, volunteers, members, suppliers and/or stakeholders.

Organizations should also take special care in securing mobile devices that contain client, employee, volunteer and/or member data.  The use of stolen smartphones, laptops, USB flash drives and tablets can provide access to your network when in the wrong hands.

We can recommend the best insurance for cyber attack tailored to your unique needs.
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