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COVID Changes to Office Procedures

In order to keep our employees and customers safe during these trying times, we have made some changes to our office operations.
  • We have limited staff in the office each day with the rest working from home. Our at-home staff take regular turns working from the office.  Because we have continuously invested in technology, we have been to make that transition almost seamlessly.  There are rare hiccups, so please be patient until our world returns to normal.
  • We request that any visits to the office be kept to a minimum and be by appointment only.  All visitors will be required to wear a mask.  We have many alternatives methods of communicating with us.
    • Everyone is still available by telephone. You may reach anyone by calling the office and you will be transferred to them, whether they are in the office or at home.
    • You can also call the direct line for each one of us, available on the Our Team page.
    • Text us using the same direct line.
    • Email your broker at the address shown on the Our Team page.
    • Register for AIMcap, our online self-service portal. On AIMcap, you can:
      • Access all your policies and important documents.
      • Download a PDF copy of your liability slip or an eSlip to your phone's secure wallet.
      • Send requests to our office for changes to your policies.
      • In the event of an accident, there is an online form, so you will know what information to collect. It allows you to take pictures at the accident scene and send everything to our office as you claim report.
      • In the event of any other claim, it allows you to report that claim and also include pictures of the damages.
      • To register, click here.
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