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The best Insurance For Cyber Attacks

Cyber Insurance for Businesses

Cybersecurity & insurance to keep your business safe

Bad people wake up every morning to do nothing but plan how to hack into a business.  Every small and medium business in Ontario is at risk of losing your customer's data or having your data locked through Ransomware and having to pay to get it back.  The professional insurance brokers at Affiliated Insurance Management are experts in providing businesses with insurance for cyber attack. We have protected Ontario businesses since 1903 for standard insurance to protect their business.  We now offer our clients a unique solution to cyber threats for businesses in Oakville and the Greater Toronto & Hamilton Area, as well as Wasaga Beach and Collingwood. 

Most insurance companies just sell a policy to pay your expenses after a loss has occurred. Wouldn't it be better to prevent the loss in the first place?  We provide a proactive cyber insurance solution that starts with a risk assessment, using the same methods the hackers use, to discover your vulnerabilities.  We then show you how to fix them so those holes can't be exploited.  You are provided with free cybersecurity tools to monitor and protect your business, and 24/7 expert incident response to help you quickly respond to a cyber incident.  Ultimately, if you do suffer a loss, we provide best-in-class insurance that protects the value of your entire business including financial, intangible, and tangible damage with up to $15M of the most comprehensive cyber insurance, backed by one of the world's largest, most financially secure insurance companies.

More Than Just An Insurance Policy

A Proactive Approach to Your Cyber Defense

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24/7 security monitoring, automated security alerts, employee training, and access to experts to prevent cyber incidents before they occur.
Step 1
An In-depth Risk Assessment of Your Company's Vulnerability to Cyber Attack
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Best-in-class cyber insurance, covers more of the financial, tangible, and intangible exposures your business faces than any other insurance company.
If you would like a quick cyber insurance quote and risk assessment for your business, click below!