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Someone Stole My Car. What Should I Do?

Your car is a much needed asset in your daily life and having it stolen leaves you feeling frustrated and vulnerable. Unfortunately, car theft happens too often in Canada. According to Statistics Canada, in 2018 over 86,000 vehicles were stolen. Car theft is a threat to everyone’s safety as criminals disregard the rules of the road and injure or kill others as a result. But there are things that we as car owners can do to mitigate the loss of your car. Let us consider car theft in more detail now. 

Steps To Take If Your Car Was Stolen

You head out of your home or get to the parking lot and your car is not there. What do you do? The overwhelming feeling of having your car stolen is a far too common experience for many Canadian drivers. Below are a few steps to follow if your car was stolen:

  1. Stay calm. Assess the situation in which your car is missing. Did you park somewhere else, or maybe your vehicle was towed because you parked in a prohibited area? Did you lend your car to anyone else? If you determine that you were legally parked and no one is using your car, proceed to calling the police. 

  2. Call the police immediately. It is best to contact the police as soon as possible if you determine that your car was stolen. Provide them with the make, model, colour, license plate, VIN number, any valuables left in your car, and other distinguishing features of your car. Even if you do not have your car info on you, you should still give the best possible description of your vehicle to the police. Once a police report is produced, you can provide it to your insurance company. 

  3. Call your insurer or broker as soon as you can to report your stolen car. Give as many details as possible to your insurance company and they will begin the process of insuring you against any damages that the thief causes with your vehicle. It is critical to note here that your insurance coverage for car theft only applies if you have specified perils, comprehensive, or all perils coverage.

  4. Contact your home insurance company. Remember, the items in your car are not covered by car insurance but through home insurance. In this case you will need to make a separate claim with them.

  1. Get alternative transportation. Ask your insurer or broker about your car rental options included with your policy. 

  2. Change passwords on any electronic devices stolen along with your car. Car thieves are opportunistic criminals. Whether finding your laptop, phone, or even your car pink slips and registration, criminals will often use the information contained within for identity theft. Also, contact any credit card issuer in order to make them aware of your situation. 

  3. Simply wait. This is easier said than done, but most stolen car investigations can take up to a month to complete. In some cases, where your car is never found, you can be offered cash value for your vehicle minus the deductible. If your vehicle is found, your insurer looks at the severity of damage caused to your car and determines whether it is worth repairing or paying out the cash value to you. 

If you are looking to protect your car from theft and want to know the details of our insurance coverage options, please contact us at Affiliated Insurance Management today.