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Is Rustproofing Your Car Worth It?

It is estimated that over 5 million tonnes of salt is used on Canadian roads each winter season in order to get rid of snow and ice. And while applying salt to our roads is important to keep us safe when behind the wheel, when it comes to our vehicles, salt is a major culprit that can wreak havoc to our cars by causing it to rust and corrode. In fact, any prolonged rust damage to our cars can be a big problem since it can cause the electrical and mechanical components of the vehicle to fail. Once rust has taken hold, it can cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars to repair. This is exactly why many Canadian drivers opt to have their car rust proofed so that they can prolong the life of their car, and at the same time, ensure better safety on our roads. In this blog we will discuss some of the benefits of rustproofing your car as you face another harsh winter season in Canada. 

What Is Rustproofing?

In the simplest terms, rustproofing a car involves a service performed on a vehicle in order to prevent its metal components from rusting or corroding. While there are a few rust proofing options that you can choose from, the rationale behind each of these is the same: to apply a barrier between your car’s body and the outdoor elements which can cause it to rust. Some rust proofing applications are only done to the underside of the vehicle, while others cover the entire body of the car. Keep in mind that a rustproofing application done well can last up to two years on your vehicle.

Benefits Of Having Your Car Rust Proofed

So is it worth investing your money by rustproofing your car? Absolutely. Consider some of these most common benefits of rustproofing your vehicle: 

It Helps To Get Rid Of Rust And Corrosion

The number one role that a rustproofing application plays is that it helps to prevent rust and corrosion forming on the body of your vehicle caused by external elements, such as salt on Canadian roads during the winter season. By choosing to rustproof your car, you are proactively ensuring that rust and corrosion damage to your car is significantly reduced.

It Protects Damaged Areas From Developing Rust

Unfortunately, damaged and repaired areas of a vehicle are the primary targets that rust quickly takes hold of. This is why rustproofing these damaged areas is so important as special protection is required in order to prevent rust from appearing and spreading to other parts of your car.

It Helps With Your Car Insurance Costs

A rustproofing application goes a long way in ensuring that your vehicle remains in good working condition for years to come. So how can this reduce your insurance costs? The answer is quite simple - rustproofing prevents major damage to your car, and insurance companies reward long-time vehicle owners with lower insurance premiums who keep their cars in good condition. 

It Extends The Life Of Your Vehicle

It goes without saying that a car with less rust will last longer on the road and this is good news for car owners who want to get the most value from their vehicles. Additionally, a car without rust has a high resale value which can benefit you if you're selling or trading-in your car. 

It Makes Everyone Safer

A car riddled with rust can compromise its structural integrity and this can be dangerous for everyone inside the car and for others on the road. It is well known that rust can cause major damage to a car’s mechanical parts such as the electrical system, the gas tank, and brake lines. If you want to avoid sudden vehicle failure, be sure to rustproof your car so that you won’t be stranded on the side of the road during the winter. 

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