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How Do I Value My Classic Car?

When researching the value of your vehicle, the most important factor—and most common mistake—is correctly assessing the vehicle's condition. Many owners overrate the condition of their car, so be sure to carefully evaluate the vehicle using a tool provided by one of the leading insurers of Classic Cars @ Hagerty's definition of condition grades #1 to #4. Keep in mind that cars in conditions #1 and #2 are extremely rare, and vehicles in condition #5 and #6 also exist even if the Hagerty Price Guide does not publish those prices.

The second most important factor is properly identifying the car, down to the car's unique options, provenance and history. Number of owners, originality, interesting equipment and documentation can all enhance a vehicle's value, so take the time to get a complete picture. Once you know what you have, you can find your vehicle in their tool, Hagerty Valuation Tools®, by selecting the appropriate year, make, model, submodel, body style and engine. Or, enter your vehicles VIN and choose from the resulting matches. Compare current Price Guide values with recent public sales and asking prices for similar vehicles for sale. All of these resources can help provide a sense of a vehicle's value.

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