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Comparing Car Insurance Quotes Across Various Providers

It is a fact that a vehicle owner in Ontario is required by law to obtain a driver's license, vehicle registration, and vehicle insurance. Insurance is a critical aspect of owning a vehicle because of the financial risks that come with being on the road. Accidents do happen and having insurance protects the driver from accruing financial costs in these situations. Considering that there are many car insurance companies to choose from with various rates for various cars and drivers, the question comes down to this: how can drivers compare quotes between various insurance providers in order to ensure the best coverage for their vehicles? One simple answer: Insurance Brokers.

Online Insurance Quotes

The great thing about comparing insurance quotes online is that they are free. Simply fill out a few details about yourself and your vehicle and you will be provided a quote. In many cases, insurance companies focus on the following information:

•       Basic personal information (name, gender, age, phone number, email)

•       Your mailing address and postal code

•       Driver’s license information

•       Vehicle make, model, and year

•       Driving habits (kilometres driven daily, personal or business use)

•       Insurance and driving history

•       Amount and type of coverage required

•       The date you need your insurance to start

Insurance Needs vs Cost

Having many insurance companies to choose from is great when you are trying to compare quotes, but this can also be a drawback because insurance companies have their own unique rates. There is no set rate that is the same across the board. Also, insurers will use their own formula when providing a quote and generally will determine your rates based on certain aspects of your risk-assessment. These include:

•       The driver

•       Location

•       Vehicle

•       Driving history

•       Driving habits

•       Coverage needs

•       Discounts

•       Your licence

As you can see, insurance rates are based on many variables and these directly impact the cost of your coverage. The question is how to find the best coverage suited for yourself considering your needs and the cost of your premium? Insurance Brokers. 

Why Go With an Insurance Broker?

They work for you and not an independent insurance company. They act as intermediaries between insurance companies and yourself, meaning that their top priority is to provide you the right insurance at the best price. Being independent, an insurance broker has access to many insurance companies and so you will save time when looking for your quote. Also, insurance brokers are regulated, such as “The Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario” (RIBO).

Being professionals and experts in insurance rates, brokers will find you the best rate for your vehicle coverage across the multitude of insurance companies, guaranteed. Without a doubt, when comparing insurance quotes between providers, it is best to go with an insurance broker.

If you are interested in getting the right coverage at the best price for your vehicle, please contact us and we will be glad to assist you in your insurance needs.