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What Is An Insurance Broker?

An insurance broker is a much needed professional who represents you as a customer and gives you the best options for your insurance needs. Navigating the digital space on your own  in search of insurance can be quite tricky and time consuming as well. Insurance coverage is best understood by a professional, like an insurance broker who identifies your insurance needs. A broker certainly can help dispel any doubts that you may have when looking for insurance coverage.

Insurance Agent Vs. Broker? What’s The Difference

Insurance companies offer important coverage for their clients in the case of an accident or claim. While insurance agents work for insurance companies, a broker works for you. A broker acts as an intermediary between insurance companies and yourself in order to find you the best insurance coverage at the best cost. Insurance brokers are also licensed professionals through RIBO, Ontario’s insurance broker regulated body.

Insurance brokers work with clients in providing insurance coverage for the following:

  • Life Insurance

  • Auto Insurance

  • Classic Car Insurance 

  • Boat Insurance

  • Home Insurance

  • Travel Insurance

  • Business Insurance 

  • Cyber and Personal Cyber Insurance 

Insurance brokers look at and compare quotes from many companies when finding you the right insurance coverage. You can have peace of mind that an insurance broker looks out for your best interest. Afterall, their goal is to get you properly insured while saving you time and money. 

Insurance Brokers: Insurance Field Experts


Becoming an insurance broker means successfully passing a series of rigorous licensing exams in order to be licensed by a provincial body (RIBO). Their years of working with claims makes them experts in knowing what type of coverage you need for what situation. You can rest assured that insurance brokers are very knowledgeable in giving you the best options in insurance coverage. 

Why Are Insurance Brokers Needed?

In summary, insurance brokers are much needed experts in the insurance field. They can help you with the following: 

  • Insurance brokers can help you best navigate the complex world of insurance and identify the right coverage for you. 

  • Insurance brokers can access insurance quotes from many different companies: brokers find the right coverage at the best cost. 

  • Brokers can find coverage options for: Life Insurance, Auto Insurance, Home Insurance,Travel Insurance, and more.

Since 1903, Affiliated Insurance Management’s brokers have been providing clients with the best insurance coverage for their unique needs. Contact us today for all of your insurance needs.