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What Is A Digital Pink Slip?

Drivers in Ontario have a pink slip, or proof of insurance for their vehicle. This pink slip contains information such as: broker name and insurance company, vehicle information and policy expiry date. 

But did you know that you are required, by law, to have your pink slip on you at all times while you are driving? If you forget it, you may face fines from the police. Luckily, these days we can rely on our smartphones to keep important information handy at all times. This also applies to the digital pink slip. 

What Is On The Digital Pink Slip?

The digital pink slip, just like the paper pink slip, contains vital information with regards to your vehicle and insurance policy. Your broker’s name and insurance company, along with your vehicle information appears on the digital pink slip. 

The great thing about the digital pink slip is that you can download it as a file onto your phone and have it with you anywhere, even when wi-fi is not available. However, your phone battery has to be charged enough to display the digital pink slip when requested. 

Do I Still Need My Paper Pink Slip?

Many drivers may wonder whether they need to have the paper copy of the pink slip along with their vehicle registration information. The answer is no. If you are at the scene of an accident, a police officer will recognize your digital pink slip just the same as your paper copy one. The problem with having just a digital pink slip copy is that if your phone is lost, damaged, not working, or out of battery charge, then a fine can be given to you for not producing a pink slip. 

While a paper copy of a pink slip is not needed along with a digital copy, it is good practice to keep an updated paper pink slip with your vehicle registration information. Just in case.

Where Are Digital Pink Slips Valid?

In Canada, digital pink slips are recognized in the following provinces:

  • Ontario.

  • Quebec.

  • Alberta.

  • Nova Scotia.

  • Newfoundland and Labrador.

If you are travelling to a province or territory that does not recognize digital pink slips, bring your paper copy. 

Do Other People Need A Digital Pink Slip When Driving My Car?

Yes they do. Any driver that has your permission to drive your car has to have the pink slip with them, either in paper or digital form. It is as easy as sending an image or an email to your friend’s smart phone. 

Is A Digital Pink Slip Secure In My Phone’s Wallet?

Many drivers are worried about privacy issues when prompted to show their digital pink slip from their phone. They shouldn’t be. A digital pink slip can be shown on a locked screen to prevent access to other personal information. Also, a digital pink slip will not collect and share data from your phone, or disclose your location without your knowledge or your permission. 

Where Do I Get My Digital Pink Slip?

You can discuss with your insurance provider if they offer digital pink cards, as not all brokers, agents, or insurance companies do.  At Affiliated Insurance Management, we provide our customers access to a self-serve portal, where they can download a digital pink card to their phone’s secure wallet, and also have access to electronic copies of their insurance policies, communicate with our office about changes to their policies and report claims directly from an accident scene.

If you have questions on how to obtain a digital pink slip, along with any other insurance coverage needs, please contact our brokers today and we will gladly help you.