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How To Protect Your Car From Electronic Theft

As more vehicles become equipped with keyless technology, such as keyless entry remotes and push-start ignitions, electronic car theft has been noted to be on the rise. The substantial amount of police reports and claims through insurance companies of electronic car theft confirm this fact. 

These days, thieves have figured out a way to steal vehicles by using wireless technology, and if you are an owner of such a car, this may affect you in the future. This is indeed a concerning fact as millions of Candians own keyless entry cars. Find out how you can protect your car against electronic theft.

What Is Electronic Car Theft?

Electronic car theft, also known as keyless car theft or relay attack, refers to the theft of a car equipped with an electronic keyless system as opposed to a car key. In this instance, car thieves exploit modern wireless technology in order to gain access to your vehicle: they do not need a keyless fob to steal your car.  

How Does Keyless Car Theft Work?

Your keyless entry car is always emitting electronic signals to communicate with the car’s key fob in order to open doors or to start your ignition. To steal your car, thieves perform a ‘key fob relay attack’ through a wireless transmitter device which intercepts your car’s electronic signal. 

Let us assume that you are parked in your driveway and car thieves are about to steal your vehicle. The first thing a thief would do is approach your car with a radio signal relay device (resembling a key fob) in order to get your car to transmit an outgoing electronic signal. This signal is then copied and sent through a relay device to another thief who is standing near your front door also with a radio signal relay device. If your key fob is in close proximity to the thief standing near your door, then the key fob’s electronic signal will be captured, copied, and sent through the relay device back to the thief near your car. At this time, your car thinks that the signal captured by the thief is indeed your key fob, and in this way, the thief gains entry to your vehicle.  

How To Protect Your Vehicle From Electronic Car Theft?

Consider the following tips on reducing the likelihood of having your keyless-entry car stolen:

  • Keep your keys away from close proximity to the perimeter of your home, especially your front entrance. Do not leave your car running and unattended, even for a minute as you run into your home. 

  • Place your fob in a Faraday pouch in order to block your key fob’s outgoing electronic signal. 

  • Update your car’s electronic software in order to benefit from new security prevention technology measures. 

  • Consider installing extra security features on your car such as: a wheel-lock, a keypad with a pass-code, a kill switch, or an alarm that will go off if a thief gains wireless access to your vehicle. 

  • Don’t leave valuables (i.e. laptops, phones, loose change) in your car as this may give the thief the temptation to commit theft. Also, don’t leave documents with your personal information in your car as these can be used to commit identity theft against you.

If you would like to find out how you can further protect your car from electronic theft, or how to insure your vehicle against electronic theft, please contact us today and our knowledge staff will gladly help you.