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10 Best Winter Hiking Trails Near Toronto And The GTA

Canada is a winter playground for people who want to hit the slopes on their skis, snowboards, or for those looking to blaze through the myriad of available snowmobile trails. But what if your preferred winter activity is slow-paced, such as hiking? Are there options for you and your family nearby if you live in or around the GTA? Absolutely. In our blog we will list the top 10 hiking destinations for those looking to experience Ontario’s winter landscapes located in close proximity to Toronto and the GTA. 

Tommy Thompson Park

Standing on man-made land on the shores of Lake Ontario, Tommy Thompson Park offers a quick getaway from the hustle and bustle of Toronto and the GTA. This park is noted for its abundant wildlife, including birds and other animals which you can come across while hiking there.   

Hiking Distance Round Trip: 11 km.

Time To Complete Hike: 3 hours. 


Distance from Toronto: 6 km.

Vista Trail - Rouge Park

Being located in relative close proximity to the GTA, the Vista Trail provides plenty of natural landscapes for you to take in along your hike including the Scarborough Bluffs, Little Rouge Creek and the Rouge River Valley.

Hiking Distance Round Trip: 1.5 km.

Time To Complete Hike: 1 hour.


Distance From Toronto: 33km. 

Lynde Shores Conservation Area

If you are passionate about nature and wildlife photography, then Lynde Shores Conservation Area is the right place for you as the trails meander along the coastal wetlands of the lake exhibiting the local fauna and flora in its abundance. 

Hiking Distance Round Trip: 5km.

Time To Complete Hike: 1.5 hours.


Distance From Toronto: 51.1km

North Loop Trail - Mount Nemo Conservation Area

Located near the very popular Rattlesnake Point Conservation Area, North Loop Trail is a quiet and less-frequented hiking destination full of stunning vistas that will bring you tranquility as you hike along its path.

Hiking Distance Round Trip: 2.3 km.

Time To Complete Hike: 1 hour.


Distance From Toronto: 61.6 km.

Great Esker Side Trail - Silver Creek Conservation Area

This conservation area offers various landscapes for you to admire that includes farmlands, wetlands, and forested areas. Make sure to hike on the main Bruce Trail first so that you can access the side trail of Great Esker.  

Hiking Distance Round Trip: 8km.

Time To Complete Hike: 2.5 hours.


Distance From Toronto: 65.9km.

Black Creek Side Trail - Limehouse Conservation Area

If you follow the main Bruce Trail past the 19th century powder house that was used in the lime industry during the 1880s, you will then end up on the Black Creek Side Trail full of natural beauty and remarkable historical points of interest. 

Hiking Distance Round Trip: 3km.

Time To Complete Hike: 1.5 hours.


Distance From Toronto: 62.6 km.

Monarch Trail - Dundas Valley Conservation Area

If you hike through this trail be prepared to take in plenty of stunning vistas including forests, and farmlands full of rolling hills. To get a view of the entire Dundas Valley, be sure to hike up to the top of Groundhog Hill.

Hiking Distance Round Trip: 5.1 km.

Time To Complete Hike: 3.5 hours.


Distance From Toronto: 73.6 km.

Black Trail - Albion Hills Conservation Area

This trail is less busy during the winter time compared to the summer season and this is good news for you if you're looking to walk though the vast expanse of pine forests that are part of the spectacular Oak Ridges Moraine.   

Hiking Distance Round Trip: 6.5 km.

Time To Complete Hike: 3 hours. 


Distance From Toronto: 75.3 km.

Cliff-Top Side Trail - Mono Cliffs

A relatively short trail, the Cliff-Top Side Trail features serene cedar forest and lake vistas along with the fascinating 30 metre cliffs that are part of the Niagara Escarpment.  

Hiking Distance Round Trip: 2.8 km one way.

Time To Complete Hike: 1 hour.


Distance From Toronto: 97.7km.

Guelph Lake Trail - Guelph Lake Conservation Area

This dog-friendly trail will guide you, your family, and your pet through the tranquil woods that are part of the Guelph Lake Conservation Area full of beautiful natural landscapes. 

Hiking Distance Round Trip: 2.7 km.

Time To Complete Hike: 1hour. 


Distance From Toronto: 100 km.

Happy hiking!