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What is Travel Insurance?

The purpose of travel insurance is to guarantee you and your loved ones an enjoyable trip without the worry of being abroad. Having the peace of mind of being covered for any medical fees or cancellation fees with travel insurance can reduce stress and optimise your trip experience. 

With the unexpected and frequent Covid-19 cancellations these days, travel insurance is much needed for all of us: whether travellers, visitors, workers or students.

Frequent Short-Stay Travellers

Whether getting away for a weekend overseas, or spending a week at an all-inclusive resort, travel insurance is a much needed benefit. Most travel insurance coverage takes care of your medical costs in case of an emergency while abroad.  Also, travel insurance can cover the costs associated with trip cancellations.  


Customer service for frequent senior travellers (Snowbirds) regarding their health coverage is very important. Seniors look to travel insurance that can best serve them in these hard times of Covid-19 protocols and restrictions. Certainly, travel insurance for Snowbirds covers a traveller's needs and removes the difficulty in choosing the best option. 

Visitors to Canada 

Travel insurance coverage for visitors is a much needed benefit to those coming in from abroad to Canada. It includes:

  • Tourists visiting from another country

  • Foreign students and international workers

  • Individuals applying for a Super Visa 

In general, medical expenses are the biggest financial risk that is covered for those visiting Canada with a travel insurance policy.  Whether a medical emergency, minor surgery, dental or any other health concerns, travel insurance is there to assist you as a visitor. 

Super Visa?

In 2011, the Canadian Federal Government introduced Super Visas in order to manage the backlog of those wanting longer stays in Canada. 

This program allows many parents and grandparents to stay in Canada for up to 10 years. Travel insurance covers the Super Visa visitor in the event of medical emergencies. It is imperative to contact a knowledgeable insurance agent with regards to travel insurance coverage for Super Visa applicants. 

If you are looking for a travel insurance quote for yourself or someone visiting Canada, contact us for more information.